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Designer creates a series of Pokémon for work and the results are adorable

Designer Mike Huckle creates an infographic started working on his own rendition of Pokémon. Here’s the series he’s created:  

Pokénatomy: Anatomies of Pokémon!

Thanks to the wonders of science (and Christopher Stoll’s Pokenatomy), we can now know more about our favorite Pokémon.   Art credit: http://christopher-stoll.deviantart.com/

Pokémon Go accounts are being unbanned by Niantic

In latest blog update from Niantic Lab’s CEO John Hank (signed JH), JH has decided to unban users who have been previously banned for using unauthorized third party apps. Their reasoning for lifting the ban is due to the fact that the… Continue Reading →

10 businesses going with the Pokemon flow

By now you’ve probably seen businesses using Pokémon Go to promote their business or just send a message.  See 10 different ways that businesses are using this global phenomenon to drive their business. 10. Let’s start with a PSA. Know… Continue Reading →

Google knows which team is most popular…

Google Trends is a free tool that Google offers, showing how popular a topic or interest is. Google has taken upon themselves to measure the popularity of the 3 Pokemon teams and show which one has the most search interest…. Continue Reading →

China copies Pokémon Go – results are horrifying

Sticky post

Want to be the very best in China? Unfortunately you can’t. At least not with the original Pokémon. With the globally popular Pokémon Go app, just about every major country is out being the best they can be as a… Continue Reading →

What Could Be The Next Major Update for Pokémon GO?

Article from: NowLoading : https://nowloading.co/posts/4018617 One of the most sought after updates is hopefully coming in early 2017, and that is the inclusion of Generation 2 in Pokémon GO. With the added Generation 2 Pokémon, we will likely see the… Continue Reading →

Who would’ve thought rush hour traffic would ever be a good thing?

Doggie can’t handle

‪Pikachu‬ just wanna catch ’em all….

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