By now you’ve probably seen businesses using Pokémon Go to promote their business or just send a message.  See 10 different ways that businesses are using this global phenomenon to drive their business.

10. Let’s start with a PSA. Know that driving while catching pokémon is dangerous, and the Safety & Homeland Security knows that.


9. Some offer promotions for simply being a player.

$4 off meal

8/7. Others offer promotion if you are part of a very specific team (Mystic lovers here).

tenrens mystic free drinkpro mystic

6. While others will penalize you if you’re the blue, and reward the Valors.

valor supporter

5. Some require you to pay to play.

paying customers

4. Others let you get free stuff for playing.

free pretzel

3. Some have a punny way of pushing their products.

drain batter onyx-ceptable

2. Others just try to lure you in.

best buy phone

1. Lastly, if you need very specific pokémons, this bar owner knows what they have.

bar with vulpix and ghastly