Want to be the very best in China?

Unfortunately you can’t. At least not with the original Pokémon. With the globally popular Pokémon Go app, just about every major country is out being the best they can be as a pokémon master, with the exception of China. Due to China’s strict rules and regulations, it’s unlikely that Pokémon Go will ever be released in China. It’s speculated that Niantic is also reluctant to even try bothering with the intricate rules and regulations out there, and just not worth the trouble for them. If you live out in China, you’d have to be the very best with their knockoff – which is hilarious at best and well… haunting at it’s worst.

We present to you, Pokemon of China
Our favorite – a malnourished and emaciated version of Snorlax.
china snorlax
Pikabbit? Rabichu? Looks like a chimera form of a rabbit and Pikachu – plus a lot of anger.
china pikachu
Charizzz…. this character just looks like they just DGAF. “Catch me bruh… like I don’t care”
china charizard
This app even teaches you how to throw a pokéball.
china meowth